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Stone Solutions Az offers 100% natural stone products in markets throughout the United States and Southern Canada.  With quarries throughout the nation and in Mexico, Solo Stone provides a wide range of colors, shapes and sizes from which to choose when considering natural stone thin veneer.

Thin veneer weight varies between 10 pounds and 14 pounds per square foot. All corners are cut from the back at 90° angles, creating the look of our traditional full size stone. Installation requirements of our natural stone thin veneer mirrors those of faux stone, therefore no structural supports are necessary.

Our unique 100% natural stone thin veneer is a perfect alternative to full size natural stone.  When compared to full size stone, natural stone thin veneer is much easier and quicker to install.

The light weight of our stone enables such applic

ations as interior arches, coved ceilings, etc. Natural stone thin veneer is extremely versatile and is intended to fulfill your design requirements.

Stone Solution's natural products do not leach out efflorescence and are therefore the perfect alternative to faux stone when considering projects such as negative edges on pools or spas.

Old world craftsmanship partnered with the modern technology of processing natural stone thin veneer enables you, the customer, to remain authentic in your design theme and stay true to your original design.